Managing Local Community Contractors – LCC’s (Through PDO’s Contracts)

Brief Description of PDO System in Developing LCC’s:
PDO allocates a specified percentage of contract value in its major contracts to LCC’s (companies which are owned by local citizens from PDO’s concession areas – classified based on geographical locations (i.e. South and North).

Contract Number Contracting Company Purpose of the Contract Location Initiation and Termination Dates
C311530 Al Hassan Engineering Company – Lead Contractor of PDO SLCC/LCC Management for Rabab Harweel Power Plan (RHPP) and HRSG Project Harweel May 2014 – Present
C311610 GE Lufkin SLCC/LCC Management for Reciprocating Rod Pump Equipment and Services Nimr July 2016 – Present
C311610 OHI OaSLCC/LCC Management for Reciprocating Rod Pump Equipment and ServicesHI RTQ November 2016- Present

SOSCO is also the nominated SLCC for four coming PDO’s major projects:

  • C311554: Amal 1C plant & HRSG project
  • C311394: Construction services for RHIP off plot
  • C311379: Hazardous waste management